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Mesh Fencing Panels products include: Welded mesh fence, chain link fence, razor mesh, expanded metal fence, palisade fence and others. The mesh panels can be used with barbed wire, razor wire and spikes for enhanced security barrier.

Anaya supplies series security fencing products for export. Our products are made from quality materials including following finishes: Stainless steel, Hot-dipped  galvanized and electro galvanized, or PVC coated.

Anti climb tops / Deterrents include: Blunt tip spikes, shark tooth spike, wall spike, bird spike, blade razor spike, barb nails, barbed wire, razor wire and etc.

Our metal anti-climb spikes are mainly used as Wall Spikes, Bird Spikes, Fence Spikes. 

Metal spike is a very cost effective barrier solution to fences, walls, roof's & gates.

Anaya aims to long term cooperation and we have engaged in metal fencing products in China for over ten years. 


We offer:
Competitive anti-climb fencing;
Razor wall spikes; 
Bird control and pet deterrents; 
Excellent physical and psychological barrier;
Complete fencing system (mesh panels, fencing tops, fittings, installation tools and etc.);
Ready to install & easy to install products; 
Quality stainless steel grade, carbon steel material while hot dip galvanized, electro galvanised and powder coating at option. 

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